Lake Tahoe
California is a water skiing heaven. With a variety of lakeshore scenery and amazing weather year round, it's no wonder California attracts vast numbers of water skiers every year. There are all kinds of amazing places to water ski in California, but the following are some of the top water ski locations.

1. California Delta

The California Delta is an outdoor recreation treasure trove, providing opportunities in water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and several other outdoor sports. The water skiing here is great, given the many water ski schools, marinas and stores that sell water skis and boats. The best places to water ski at California Delta are Bishop Cut, Empire Cut, Mokelumne River, Snodgrass Slough and the Sacramento River.

2. Lake Tahoe

Located right where Nevada meets California, Lake Tahoe is another prime location for water sports. It is the largest alpine lake in all of North America, and the second deepest lake in the United States. The expansive lake provides plenty of open space for water skiing and is surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

3. Mission Bay

Mission Bay
San Diego's Mission Bay is a 4000 acre aquatic park, making it the largest aquatic park in the nation. It is also home to hundreds of species of birds and fish. The 27 miles of shoreline have calm surfing conditions and warm water, making this location especially friendly for beginners.

This private water ski club is located in Pleasant Grove, which is near Sacramento, California. Stillwater Ranch's two beautiful lakes are perfect water skiing locations for those looking to avoid huge crowds. Members and their guests can enjoy water skiing o­n well maintained slalom courses which are of tournament design.