Famous Water Skiers

Bob Lapoint
Most of us have been o­n the water at a local lake or river to try water skiing. However, do you realize that there are professional water skiers who compete in competitions all over the world. Here are some of the famous professional water skiers that hold world records today.

Chris Parrish holds the World Water Ski Record in the Slalom. Chris has been competing professionally for several years and has won many competitions. The 31 year old American has held several world and national records including the Junior World Slalom Record.

Maybe you prefer jumping, then Freddy Krueger would be your favorite. Freddy, the world record holder for jumping, just won the men's jumping title at the 2nd Global Invitational. He jumped 236 feet for the title.

The World Records in overall and ski flying belong to Canadian Jaret Llewellyn. Jaret is a 9 time US Masters Champion and a 8 time US Open Champion. Born in Alberta, Canada, he was the 2007 World Champion and has 106 professional wins. Jaret has held 11 World Records and 9 World Titles during his career.

Kristi Overton-Johnson holds part of a three-way tie for the World Record in Slalom. Kristi is now retired, but the North Carolina native had a brilliant career as a professional water skier. She began competing at age five, winning the Southern Region Girls Tricks, Jumping, and Overall Record.

Eddie Smit
Regina Jaquess shares the tie with Kristi for the World Record In Slalom along with the Overall World Record. Regina, from Atlanta, Georgia, was recognized as USA Water Ski Athlete of the Year in 2003 and 2001.

Water Skiing is not just a summer time past-time, it is a sport with professionals, who compete around the world, breaking records and improving the sport.