When it comes to soccer video games, most people will agree that there isn't a single franchise o­n the market that can compete with the FIFA games. Each year, soccer fans anxiously await the newest installment in the series, eager to get fresh lineups and new features into their soccer fix. FIFA 10 is a continuation in the series that reflects everything about what a proper update should be. Players can rest easy knowing that there's never been a better way to score a goal from the comfort of your living room.

FIFA 10 continues the series' pick-up-and-play accessibility while also fleshing out the more advanced facets of the game such as season and league play, ensuring that there is something for both beginner and advanced gamers to enjoy. FIFA has always been known for its fluid controls, and this installment is no different. Players seem to glide around the field with ease, moving both realistically and intuitively. While there's somewhat of a learning curve at the beginning, you'll be playing like a pro in no time.

The graphics in FIFA 10 are absolutely stunning, so much so that you aren't getting the most out of the game unless you're playing o­n a high-def monitor. Blades of grass sway and trample under the feet of players, and even the crowd seems lively and realistic. The same can be said about the audio in the game, with true-to-life sounds leaping off the field and through your speakers like never before. In terms of presentation, FIFA 10 is a masterpiece.

Those who truly love soccer games don't need any additional push to pick up FIFA 10, as they likely already have. For anyone o­n the fence, however, FIFA 10 is a beautiful, intuitive soccer simulation that promises many hours of repeat enjoyment.