West Palm Beach
Water Skiing has become a worldwide popular sport since its inception in Minnesota in 1922. Since then, millions of people all over the world have tried their hand at the water sport. The good news is that no matter what state you reside in, there is more than likely a place to enjoy water skiing. The peninsula of Florida boasts well over 100 water skiing destinations for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Perhaps some of the best water skiing in Florida can be found in South Florida near Key West, Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando. With very few days under 70 degrees, water skiers have a chance to enjoy their sport almost year round here. Okeeheelee Park is a nationally recognized water ski park in South Florida. Complete with five different courses for those who enjoy skiing barefoot to those who would rather kneeboard. It also offers a lit course if you are into night water skiing.

Nearby Palm Beach Training Center offers world-class instruction from former national water skiing champion Chet Raley. This private facility located in Boca Raton is a fairly inexpensive option for those wishing to improve their skills in the sport. South Florida is also home to four annual water skiing events for those who enjoy the more competitive side of the sport.

Daytona Beach
Central Florida is home to Cypress Gardens, which calls itself the water skiing capitol of the world. Serving as Florida’s first theme park, Cypress Gardens is home to some of the most exciting water skiing shows in the country. If Florida is your destination and water skiing is your passion, then the options are endless of where to take your skis and suit next. Enjoy all that Florida waters have to offer at o­ne of their many different beautiful water skiing destinations.