Here's some tips o­n how to kneeboard:

• Put o­n a life jacket. When it comes to going into the water, safety is first.

• Grab the rope to pull you along and locate a place o­n the boat to bind it to. Usually, you'll bind it to o­ne of the hooks o­n the boat's back or o­ne in the center. Stick the rope through the center of the hook, then latch it o­n so it goes over the bottom and top of the hook.

• o­nce you get into the water, dunk the board under water so it will get wet. You will want the board to be wet so it is simpler to get up o­n. When the board is wet you will lie o­n it. Do not put your entire body o­n the board; just have half your body o­n the board and have your legs dangling. Hold the rope so that your elbows are upon the board.

• o­nce the boat begins moving, you are going to sense a huge pull. Take the rope and pull it back towards you and utilize your elbows to slide the knees up into the knee pockets. The elbows are what's going to get you up. Utilize your elbows and forearms and slide the knees in. If you're a bit stronger, you could hold the rope with o­ne hand and utilize the other hand to hold o­nto the board.

• o­nce kneeling, strap yourself in.

• Be sure you keep a hold of the rope. The rope, sometimes will pull away from you and you'll sense it falling. If that should occur, take both of your hands and pull it back towards you. o­nce you do this, it will give you a little slack.

• Remember always to lean back.