With its warm weather and calm waters, Mexico has some great water ski destinations.

Made famous by its cliff divers, Acapulco is a superb destination for water ski enthusiasts. Located in south western Mexico off the coast of the Pacific, temperatures rarely fall below 70 degrees or soar above 100 degrees. The average high temperature ranges from 88 to 90 degrees. The best time of year for water skiing is November through June when there is very rarely, if ever, any rain, Although water skiers can be seen in the Acapulco Bay, the premier ski destination in this area, Coyuca Lagoon is a little over 6 miles north of the city. Along with mangroves, ski clubs such as Ski Paradise and restaurants line this freshwater lagoon. The ski clubs often have their own slalom courses and the like for their guests. There are strong undertows some parts of the lagoon so always wear a life jacket. The mangroves along the lagoon add green to compliment the blue waters as well as to maintain ultra calm water makes for excellent water skiing conditions.

On the opposite side of Mexico off the Caribbean sits Cancun o­n the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. The average annual temperature is about 80 degrees. For water skiers it's best to avoid the tropical storm season which lasts from May through December. A huge, well-protected fresh and salt water lagoon lies along side the city of Cancun. Nichupte Lagoon has ski clubs such as WaterSki Cancun and Wakeboard which provide slalom courses and the best water ski sites for their guests. Many of these sites are further buffered from wind by mangroves to create a beautiful backdrop and outstanding waters for skiing.