Tiger Woods PGA Tour

When EA made it clear that they were serious about sports games o­n the mobile platform, the Tiger Woods PGA tour franchise seemed to have the most potential. Virtual golf simply does not have the high-speed demands of other sports games, so it seemed as if it might offer the smoothest transition.

It certainly was o­ne of the earliest mobile entries for EA, but it never managed to meet expectations, and in many cases, it was quite the disappointment. EA seemed to exacerbate matters by “rebooting” the game each year rather than fixing what they had already accomplished.

When EA announced the new Tiger Wood PGA Tour with the name stripped of the year designation, it appeared it would yet again be another reboot, but to our surprise, that was not the case at all. This newest version is simply a refinement of the last, a fun but flawed game, and we think that the franchise will better for it.

This is still a flawed game that plays far too fast, but the potential for a long-term winner is here. The outstanding controls from last year’s version are still in place, and EA has improved the game with new graphics, some additional courses, and a redesigned challenge mode.

The graphics for this game have always been a point of contention for us. o­n mobile platforms, it has never looked as good as it could have or as we have expected it to. While we are still demanding more, more, more, this is the best that Tiger Wood PGA Tour has ever looked o­n a mobile platform.

So is it worth buying? Well, we think that depends a lot o­n whether or not you own Tiger Wood PGA Tour ’09. If you do, then it may be better just to wait for the next release while you keep playing that o­ne. o­n the other hand, if you have yet to take the plunge, this may be the perfect time to do so.