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Bob Lapoint
The history of water skiing dates back to the twenties and has developed enormously in recent years. Meanwhile, there are many enthusiastic Water - fans that populate every year the most famous water skiing - areas in the world.

Despite the fact that the water skiing as a sport was not yet included in the program of the Olympic Games, there are, millions of amateur water skiers and also many professionals who participate each year in numerous competitions.

Daytona Beach
In addition to the Waterski in its original form, several variations have developed like the wakeboarding and the knee boarding. Those looking for more risk should try trick skiing or jumping skiing where the water skier is jumping over a ramp.

The water skiing is suitable for all ages and can provide with the appropriate equipment a lot of fun for young and old. Those who have not been o­n standing o­n the skis should definitely try it o­nce, perhaps at their next holiday destination.

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